Clun on Clun

Acrobatic swallows wing here then there,
Smells of woodburners sting the air,
From hill top fort and drovers ridge,
Ruined fortress and medieval bridge,
Dappled river and dappled cloud,
I want to sing and sing aloud,
There's no better place under the sun,
Than Bishop's Castle and Clun on Clun,
And if you want some fine real ale there,
Head for the White Horse Inn on the Square.

David Macklin 20-07-09

Bullet Points

A lazy young fellow named Gunne
Went to work at the White Horse Inn, Clun
But being a shirk,
Who did little work,
Gunne was fired if you'll pardon the pun,

Mrs Freda Bunce 27-07-09

I Lie Upon this Castle Mound

I lie upon this castle mound
My eye surveys this place I’ve found
Amidst the rolling Shropshire hills
Such peace, this place my heart it stills
Within the sound of St Georges bell
I know this is where I long to dwell
The beautiful scenery and fresh air
It’s a bit of Heaven I’ve found there
Then there it stands the White horse Inn
The sound of laughter draws you in
From Jacks Clun ale, the blues and fine fare
You will always find a welcome there
Then Saturday night dealt a cruel blow
My lottery numbers refused to show
No lottery wins to let us stay
But I know I will dwell there one day.

Dave Hyde, November 2011

What to do
in the Shropshire Hills

The stunning scenery of the Shropshire Hills AONB includes the craggy Stiperstones and Wrekin, Wenlock Edge and the Clee Hills, the wide open spaces and hidden valleys of the Long Mynd, and peaceful river valleys such as the Clun and the Onny.